my favourite vintage store in Williamsburg in Brooklyn...
the stores lay out and themes is just out of this world. the owner KIKI has her daughter do all the illustrations around the store and her husband is a graffiti artists. PERFECT COMBINATIONS OF TALENT.

This is from I LOVE FAKE online magazine.
i love how they incorporated the american flag onto the garments mixed with the Texan style.


Hopefully where I will be standing September 2010.
FIT university.

we were given a tour around the FIT exhibition. I have scanned in some of the brochures from the American Beauty: AESTHETICS AND INNOVATION IN FASHON and NIGHT AND DAY.
I recognised lots of the garments and which designer they were by, playing this guessing game of who designer, designed the clothing kept me entertained for a good hour.
I have visited the gallery before but they frequently change the exhibitions.
getting obsessed with all the different symbols for burger... BURGER BITCH right here!!

so we arrived in New York safe and sound.
first stop Lower East side....


Yaffa Cafe= my hibernating hut, for the cold winter days in Lower East Side.


this will be us (Tash, Emz and I) dashing around the New York subway. 
The fast paced life style suits me just fine.....THANKsss.